Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag 4-Pack - 200g Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber Moisture Absorber - Car Air Freshener - Odor Eliminators for Home - Car Freshener - Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber

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The California Home Goods Charcoal Odor Bag is just what you need to keep your place fresh and odor-free without the extra effort. With specially formulated carbon activated charcoal bamboo air purifiers, this handy and natural purifying bag can easily absorb all kinds of nasty smells in and around your home. Our odor eliminator and moisture absorber charcoal bag even lasts longer than the usual store-bought air fresheners. Made from durable and chemical-free materials, this air freshener bag is definitely the ultimate activated charcoal odor removal tool you need in your life! To use the bamboo air purifying bag, just take out the air purifying charcoal bag from its poly wrap, lay out the air charcoal bag under the sun for at least an hour, then it's ready to go! Do this to your used activated bamboo charcoal bag at least once a month so they'll last even up to 2 years Our natural bamboo charcoal bags do not only keep living spaces free from bad odors. Our charcoal deodorizers also work as air filters and dehumidifiers. These natural odor absorber bags also trap excess moisture from the air This natural bamboo charcoal deodorizer bag is meticulously crafted to ensure easy use and storage. The odor charcoal absorber bag is equipped with a metal grommet for easy hanging, anytime anywhere Our bamboo charcoal air purifying bag is absolutely safe for kids and pets as well. No need for odor removers and air fresheners that are made from hazardous chemicals. So if what you need is an effective air purifier, car freshener, closet odor eliminator, room deodorizer, car dehumidifier, pet odor absorber, shoe deodorizer, or kitchen odor neutralizer, try out our Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag now!


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL ODOR ABSORBER for a FRESH & HEALTHY HOME: Made from 100% activated bamboo charcoal, our air purifier charcoal bag is the most convenient, most practical and safest car freshener solution to keep your home free from unwanted smell. Besides being an effective odor remover charcoal packet, this is a natural air deodorizer and car freshener EFFECTIVE HOME ODOR ELIMINATOR CHARCOAL BAGS WITH SUSTAINABLE BENEFITS: Our air freshener charcoal bags are not just amazing home odor absorbers and car air freshener bags. It's also an air purifier bag that helps take care of the earth. These bamboo charcoal bags are fragrance, residue and chemical-free w/ reusable activated charcoal odor absorber bag - great for air cleaning. In case you throw it away, the activated charcoal bag will never harm the earth THE WONDERS OF ACTIVATED BAMBOO CHARCOAL BAGS: Our air odor eliminator bags w/ activated charcoal deodorizers contain bamboo charcoal which is a famous and renewable source useful for deodorizing cars, rooms, storages, and pet areas of all sizes. The activated bamboo has millions of minute porous holes that are scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals and trap dirt, moisture & other harmful particles MONEY SAVING CHARCOAL BAGS MOISTURE ABSORBER: With our charcoal bags natural air purifier, you can now say goodbye to the conventional air odor eliminator sprays and expensive plug-ins. Our charcoal deodorizing bags are packaged in durable material that'll last for up to 2 years. The California Air Purifying Bag can be easily rejuvenated - just lay the charcoal scent absorbers under the sun for at least 2hrs and the odor eliminators can work like new CHARCOAL AIR PURIFYING BAG THAT WON'T DISAPPOINT: Every purchase of our activated charcoal deodorizer bag from any California Concepts authorized seller comes with an exclusive California Home Goods chance for a money-back. We are so confident in the quality of our activated bamboo charcoal air freshener bag and so we are always ready to address your concerns. Just reach back out and our team will be more than happy to help