The Rubber Hugger - The Bed Sheet Holder Band - New Approach for Keeping Your Sheets On Your Mattress - No Sheet Straps, Sheet Clips, Grippers, or Fasteners.

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Rubber Tucker Mattress Band:

Rubber Tucker is NOT designed to make your bottom sheet wrinkle free or totally immobile. Rubber Tucker's primary function is to provide an easy way to keep your bottom sheet from coming off the corner of your mattress while you sleep and to keep your other bedding secure without having to tuck them under the mattress at the foot of the bed.

This simple, but innovative concept, uses horizonal tension plus specially engineered forged embossed ribbing to secure your bedding in a hassle-free way. Made of a proprietary blend of natural rubbers, this product is NOTHING like any other type of bed sheet securing product on the market. The Rubber Tucker mattress band is the perfect solution to keep your fitted sheets on the corner of your mattress without the hassles of small plastic parts, clips, grippers, buckles, clamps, pins or elastics that ribbing forged into the natural rubber band helps solve bedding frustrations. Keeps your bottom fitted sheet from ridding up, keeps your top sheet from coming untucked at your feet and sides and can even keep your covers from being stolen by someone that tosses and turns all night. It takes only two minutes to install around the sides of your mattress and when it's in place you will never have to lift your mattress again to tuck your sheets under it and it keeps your bedding secure. Safe, effective and uses NO clips, gripper, pins, clamps, buckles, plastic pieces, tubing or special engineering to keep your bedding in place. You do not have to modify your sheets or mattress to use Rubber Tucker. It does not damage your sheets or mattress and works with all size mattress except the adjustable beds (but we are working on that also). People who have tried other products to love this because it solves 3 bedding problems not just 1. Also included with each band is a handy hanging pocket that attaches to the band where you can easily store a remote, glasses or even your cell phone.


* Solves Problem #1: Keeps your bottom fitted sheet from ridding up the mattress * Solves Problem #2: Can keeps your top sheet from coming untucked from under the mattress * Solves Problem #3: Can keeps the bedding from being stolen by your tossing and turning bed partner +++ Rubber Tucker is a specially designed band that stretches around the sides of your mattress. Specially designed lengths, along with embossed horizontal ribbing, create the proper tension to hold your bedding in place. Your bottom fitted sheet will NOT come off the corners anymore and if you like your top sheet or blanket to stay in place they too can get tucked into the band to keep them from moving. +++ You will NEVER have to tuck anything under the mattress ever again. NO straps, clips, grippers, pins, clamps, buckles, plastic pieces or tubing. Super easy to install and easy use when you change your bedding.